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This statement by ASRM reflects the fact that the infertility industry in the USA is a privatized market, undergirded by neoliberal principles, and physicians can choose who to treat, what services to offer and who to recruit as patients Hawkins,Johnson,Spar, Every person who works at Circle is dedicated to doing everything they can to help you build your family. There were 20 clinic websites I characterize as ambiguous when it came to the recruitment of gay men as clients. For a man, however, he must use a surrogate, either with inseminations or by using a surrogate and an egg donor through IVF. Reprod Biomed Soc Online.

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We match up intended parents with well-qualified surrogates who share similar values and attitudes, ensure everything from the legal details to medical needs are covered, and stand beside the teams we create from before conception until long after the baby is born.

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Reproduction and Society: Of the remaining clinics, 20 had ambiguous information on their websites e. Temple University Press; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: I could not ask for more.

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Reproductive services, as Charis Thompson

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