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While a growing number of American men share my husband's sentiments, many circumcised fathers want their sons to "look like them. Remove a part of the body, and you will loose the sensation Submitted by Steinn Andersen on June 6, - 1: I've seen communion done with a single cup offered to dozens upon dozens and wiped by the same cloth used over and over. In any case, your entire article reads as an attempt to justify circumcision. Of course those deaths are classified as something else, but comparisons to non-circumcised populations, they just don't have the profile of infant male deaths at that age.

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Redundancy also should not be used to justify removing body parts at will, without the consent of the affected person.

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From your post you sound like Submitted by Ralph on August 29, - We can get along fine on less than half of one kidney but we have two. Although they still advised that when it comes to lopping off foreskins, the final say "should be up to the parents.

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To condemn research simply because it's "out of Africa," strikes me as unscientific.

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