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Once you upload the. The content industry spent years trying to battle piracy via all manner of heavy handed-tactics and lawsuits, only to realize that offering users inexpensive, quality, legitimate services was the best solution. Newsletters are the new newsletters. Instead, use a magnet link, so you don't waste precious space on your hard drive. A cache has the same properties as a "ram disk".

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I know that sounds super lame, but that means as long as somebody has your website, it is unkillable.

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So the site was shut down? Off-topic Discussion Oink - Bit Torrent. Your case seems pretty flawed if you ask me, also with your comments the ones that don't make sense in english about me and gays it seem pretty aparent that the only reason your bitching about this is cause you still hold a grudge!

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Good luck, Teej.

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