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Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Their entitled to their opinion. They don't seem to understand how drawing works because designing software isn't actually that valuable to any decent artist and is generally unrelated to brand building. I am not going to pay more for something because of its label But what you wear sends a message.

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Spending time worrying about what I should wear to make a good impression to total strangers is completely beyond me.

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I spend a minimal amount of money on clothing. How delightfully coherent, I guess? Turns out it wasn't really true, she was more like a size 10 at her most plump. Enabled Similar books to Gay Domination: Kind of a hobby, if you will.

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Not to take a cheap shot at the male other-side-of-the-coin, but what similar benefits come from professional sports? I hate dress up clothes, they generally have collars BLEH! Even if you only wear clothing with the purpose of protecting your body against the elements, neatness and conformity be damned, you're sending a message nonetheless: Maybe it's even a hacksaw to be used on the bars of the monochrome gender penitentiary, but I know from keen experience that tweeking the way you dress when you're naturally androgynous makes the biggest of differences in how you'll be seen, interpreted and treated. I don't understand why sexist comments on what people wear has anything to do with why fashion is important. Don is a well-adjusted family man, excited to host his annual spring barbecue and to grill brats for the entire neighborhood.