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She explains her new reality show My fantasy is that we carry on making "The Real L Word: HuffPost talked to the creator of "The L Word" brand about the documentary, how it offers multiple perspectives on the issues and how she hopes it will help lesbians feel less alone. Shane from the L Word is hot. On "The L Word" we let our stories evolve organically. This Article is related to: It was such a heavy and dark moment to end on.

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Editor's Picks Bruce's awe-inspiring "Western Stars".

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It showed normal lesbians doing things like working, being in relationships, dating, getting coffee, being friends. Pride We told the stories of women who were a little bit evocative of the women on the scripted show, in that they lived in urban places where, for the most part, people can be comfortably out and other things specific to being a lesbian.

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WhatsApp joins search for missing backpacker Theo Hayez after father's emotional plea.

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