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The opening has been condemned by the Grand Mosque of Paris. It is emphasized that the issue at hand is not the permissibility of sexual acts but that of the validity of a legal contract for same-sex couples. When he refused, the Sultan instantly ordered the decapitation of Notaras, together with that of his son and his son-in-law; and their three heads … were placed on the banqueting table before him". Whatever the legal strictures on sexual activity, the positive expression of male homoerotic sentiment in literature was accepted, and assiduously cultivated, from the late eighth century until modern times. It is a perversion openly reviled by mainline Christianity. A world survey of laws prohibiting same sex activity between consenting adults" PDF. In Turkey, homosexuality is legal, but "official censure can be fierce".

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Oxford Islamic Studies Online.

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The Oxford Dictionary of Islam. Other famous examples of homosexuality include the Aghlabid Emir Ibrahim II of Ifriqiya ruled —who was said to have been surrounded by some sixty catamitesyet whom he was said to have treated in a most horrific manner. LGBT rights by country or territory.

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