Penalty for speaking against gay rights

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I am sorry. North Vancouver School Dist. While marriage has served as the primary vehicle of public commitment, it is no longer an adequate model in light of the variety of such relationships. These laws relate to medical services, family maintenance, family relations, public sector pensions, pension benefit standards, adult guardianship, representation, and health care consent and admission. Even if discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation is recognized as a prima facie section 15 violation, a court may uphold the law as justifiable under section 1 of the Charter.

penalty for speaking against gay rights
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Same-sex marriage in Canada.

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However, it refused to take action against the practice, claiming it falls under the scope of regulation of health professionals on the basis that some conversion therapy is practiced by regulated medical professionals such as registered psychiatrists or psychotherapistswhich according to the division of powers between the federal and provincial governments in Canada's Constitution is a provincial and territorial responsibility. Douglas v. They argued that "predicting the presence of children in any space, on-line or off-line, is quite impossible and is a variable that the proponent of any expression will rarely be in absolute control of.

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Allowing same-sex couples to choose their partners and to celebrate their unions is not an adequate substitute for legal recognition.

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