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We decided to take it on and we felt we did the right thing. It's never going to be easy dealing with race. We all felt it. Every time they've called me, whether it was New York or Chicago or other places, it's always, "We have a great space for you, and this is the rent. So this idea that charity can take care of this problem just doesn't work. Sorry we offended you.

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Originally from Texas, Swindle credits two powerful factors that inspired him to don a toque and enter the kitchen:

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But I think what's happened in the past 10 years or so is that a lot of these chefs have also realized that it's great to do grassroots work in an organization in your local community, but a lot of these things that we care about are being funded through federal programs. Both former vegetarians with a mutual affinity for political activism and delicious food, the formation of a custom-cut butcher shop committed to serving local pastured and organic meats seemed natural. The African-American chef, who was the only African-American contestant on the show, lost and was eliminated. Sorry we offended you.

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