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See, e. Civil Action No. See Mashpee Tribe v. I see the duplicative taxes and rediculous costs of living on MV as a lot worse than a bingo hall. It contends that the th Congress deliberately included gaming-specific language in the Massachusetts Settlement Act in an effort to prevent it from being impliedly repealed by the imminent Indian gaming statute. Explicit instructions on the form ask applicants to count only the "population for which your law enforcement department has primary law enforcement authority" and to "exclude the population primarily served by other law enforcement agencies.

DOA indeed.

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The MOU provides for a number of review and advisory procedures should such disputes arise. The Tribe obtained ownership of a land base for the first time, consisting of approximately acres, including the Common Lands, the Face of the Cliffs, the over acre parcel where the Tribal headquarters and housing development are located, and the Cook Properties Herring Creek. DOA indeed. The Court need not proceed any further in its statutory interpretation because its conclusion is based on the plain meaning of the two statutes.

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Within weeks, the two rangers resigned as special officers of the Aquinnah police.