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Then you get punished A copy of the poster is viewable in the related links. Koo 59 Posted 23 January - On a side note, why is it wrong to discuss the decisions or actions of mods? Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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She said one time "Leslie, for the grace of God…" I thought she is going to bring God into a room about pillows?

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File:Dallas Cowboys Gay Terrell Carter 1979 Y3.jpg

Before I did the show I thought that was going to be a cakewalk. I pulled that totally out of my ass. In Football - American. I design for bachelors to make their pads a chick magnet now. Who was on the Dallas cowboy cheerleader poster? And for example Gaylord is a perfectly normal name. What was the full sentence this guy used?

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Any measures taken by moderators can be appealed to support via the website http: How are you health-wise now? You framed carpets on [a recent] episode. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. He said he misstyped a part of a mods name

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