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So the firm might have its own number for birth moms to call. For transgender people who were assigned female at birth, this may mean egg freezing. The bad news is hardly news: At the time, Li had a cold, so he was only able to hold her for the first time when she was 10 days old. Hopping-Winn also noted there are many legal hurdles involved with surrogacy, and she advised couples pursuing this route to work with a lawyer and enter into a contract with a surrogate to ensure they are recognized as legal parents before they even begin the process. The non-profit organization Men Having Babies has been fighting for years to offset the considerable costs associated with surrogacy for gay men.

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With co-parenting, all those involved in the arrangement are intended parents.

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The Goldsteins have even seen it in their own family. This, she warns, could be because the agency has a mutually beneficial financial arrangement with that clinic. June is a celebratory month for us gay dads. Family by Design offers a template agreement to help get the conversation started, covering each parent's intent regarding obligations, how others should view your arrangement and the decision-making process not only for day-to-day concerns but major ones like child care providers, medical procedures, college.

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Any time third-party reproduction is being considered, there will be terms used to describe the communication relationship between the donor or carrier and the intended parent.

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