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I think we are all like that to some degree. Walking through that door, Mark rejoiced at being in a crowd of gay men and proclaimed them to be his people. As he explained in our interview: With Special Guest Char. That is why widely-followed Mark Angelo Cummings, the Cuban born F2M female-to-male transsexual set off a firestorm when he suggested that helping youngsters transition might be misguided, and that his own transitioning might have been a big mistake. She shrugs and smiles when she tells me about this. Mark Angelo was known at one point as a fierce trans advocate, since being with Lynna Mark has attempted de-transition to be accepted by Lynna's kids and family, but they learned that acceptance was not possible.

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I am sorry but now that I have come to my senses and see what this vile community has become, I see the reason for the vileness and the darkness in its intent.

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After an investigation spanning six weeks, The Advocate reveals how those few voices arguing against gender transition are finding followers. They met in early and it was truly love at first sight. Here you will find videos, articles, commentaries on retuning to your original gender and life, to learn to be proud of who you are without changes, to reach out and share your stories, and support those who decide to detransition.

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Lopez, who formerly identified as male-to-female transgender, continues to present in the feminine gender.

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