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We all should be. I cannot help but wonder how many others didn't bounce back from the same sort of attacks. Can we just stick with the facts and dispense with all the drama? If the victim in this case did decide to go out for a little vigilante justice, I'd say, "right on sister! Sonce someone brought it up.

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So the arguement that HRC and Barney Frank were concerned about submitting a bill that wouldn't pass is completely invalid, because they did in fact do just that.

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Church of England to consider transgender naming ceremony

We can not marry, we have no protections, and people, including children are still being killed over their gender expression, sexual orientation, etc. If I stopped, Arune would think it was becase his bullying works. Denise July 8, 2: I would be very surprised if the diocese has passed the motion without a lot of discussion and debate. I have also had to bury friends because they took their lives for being dispondent and depressed after being unemployed for 1, 2 or even 3 years. One can't be both Stalinists and Sgt Calley's.

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Sue Robins February 26, 5: Good quality of life doesn't happen you have to make it. Subject of the movie Boys Don't Cry. I wish I could have given her something that would have given her reason to survive to today and not the short two years. Take care, Susan A Robins.

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