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My arms lock round your trembling thighs, My hands bolted round your squirming wrists, My lips brush your slit to the chorus of your sighs, Awaiting my hunger your quivering turns and twists, I drag my tongue the length of your melting core, You push your center to my teasing lips, Your unrealized desire, a lust that turns sore, My teeth hold you in place with its firm but gentle grip, When the state of Wisconsin, for example, decriminalized homosexual sex between adults inan amendment was added that increased from a misdemeanor to a felony sex between an adult and a teenager 16 or 17 years old! The campaign around this demand has nothing to do with the totally progressive stance of defending the right of teenagers not to be penalized for their sexual activity. Teenagers under 16— who were not consulted in this "compromise"— would still be denied the right to choose lovers in their late teens or older. Mackay Society. Comedian, clown, mime, director, singer, Jerry Lewis could do it all Libertarian Student Association.

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No one expressed concern about women having sex with underage males; after all, that was heterosexual, considered more a pecca- dillo than a taboo — the woman was performing a social service by introducing the boy to the joys of heterosexuality.

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The article showed how far a left-wing group could go toward adopting the agenda of the right wing on sexual matters: Customers who bought this item also bought. Privately printed. Also pub- lished in Gay Insurgent No.

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There was a mood of tolerance, even joy at discovering the myriad lifestyles within the gay and lesbian subcul- ture.

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