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The churches and the political leaders have so far not accepted same sex in all aspects of life in principle and therefore the law of Bermuda does not yet permit marriages between the same sex couples. Should a private club, like the Spanish Point Boat Club, be allowed to turn away a homosexual couple? First off, if these laws are going through, the majority DOES agree with them. I think more gays should follow franko and the rest of them and go to england where they will be accepted instead of trying to force their way of life on conservative bermuda. So to suggest that it is a service that only effects members of that group IS, in fact, correct.

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Read Leviticus for all the many things that ancient law said we could and should die for.

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Retrieved November 11, May I suggest you try starting with good sense and reason and let that guide you to a sensible conclusion. Retrieved from " https: In fact same sex or transsexual couples who have married outside Bermuda, will not be recognized as married in Bermuda.

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