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This research was part of larger study—a five-year investigation of the context in which sexual risk occurs among Latino immigrant MSM from Brazil, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. Three Dominicans were dropped because we discovered during the interviews that they had been born in the United States. Routledge Press. This study builds on recent work on Latino gay immigrants by focusing on the experiences of US-born Latino gay men, who have received relatively scant attention by researchers. Fernanda T. Interestingly, although the men are all same-sex oriented, the homophobic undertones of their comments resemble those used by heterosexual men in previous studies, who continually demeaned men whose behaviors violated masculine gender norms Pascoe, ; Morris, Filipino Gay Men in the Diaspora.

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Respondents were between the ages of 21 and 30 at the time of my data collection.

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Sullivan, A. Although the men often distinguished themselves from Latino immigrant gay men, they were similar to them with respect to how they felt their immigrant background shaped their gender ideologies. Condom use in unmarried Latino men:

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A substantial minority of our participants in ongoing relationships with straight men reported never using condoms for anal intercourse.

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