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He came in with 2 other guys and said they were his friends. He took my shaking right hand and placed it on his still covered crotch. But one evening a few months ago while I was taking care of my dick I began thinking about how incredible a sweet load of cum would taste. Then as my breathing slowed and my head cleared I squeezed the last drops into the cum saver. As my guy was leaving, he asked me if I was sure that I hadn't done this sort of thing before. I started feeling it with my tongue and then exploring more as Jerry started moving his hip and moving his cock in and out of my mouth. Take my load you faggot.

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Sore or not, my jaw was overrun by my hunger to slurp more semen.

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I soon had him in my mouth once again, sucking and stroking his cock with total pleasure. I couldn't believe it. Thunder tilted his head back and moaned with pleasure as I gently rubbed his still covered penis. I perfect stud for my first blow job!

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He flashed a smile at me and said "jealous?

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