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Clubs would bring in new fans worldwide from the coverage. To suggest that nobody would care if he is gay is firstly just wrong, but for those that genuinely don't care to not even acknowledge it as being a big thing is also damaging. He would publish a memoir, Out of Bounds: Casey Stoneycaptain of the England women's team, came out in February Thomas Berling retired from professional football after coming out inciting widespread homophobia in the football community as the reason. Retrieved 19 December Such a non story, nobody would care if you're gay.

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Just stating what I know.

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Homosexuality in association football

So Coach Vince Lombardi knew McDonald was gay when he took over leadership of the team inbut made clear there would be no discrimination in his locker roomthose close to the legend say. Is it worth the hassle? I seem to remember one in the past that inspired people to convince themselves it was about Luke Shaw and he ended up having to deny it. There is still plenty of homophobia around. Retrieved 3 December

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But then I would tell him to find something else to do. Deutscher Bundestag Dokument, If I were a professional footballer I'd be wary about coming out. Openly gay top-flight player some way off". In the town it has never been a problem.

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