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The majority of participants had used methamphetamine in the 4 weeks prior to commencing treatment And while few of the users I spoke to had any experience with heroin, or even saw it in their circles, all of them felt that other gay male meth users looked down on those who inject. At each follow-up interview, data were collected on methamphetamine and other substance use, methamphetamine dependence, injecting drug use and risk of blood-borne virus transmission, and psychosocial functioning. MSM who participate in high-risk sexual behavior often also engage in attempts at harm reduction, such as strategic positioning Grov et al. A new project in Georgia intends to set the standard.

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They also supply instructions on injecting.

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January 19, Among these persons were many who use drugs. Harm reduction, crystal methamphetamine, and gay men. Any Other Important Details:

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He was placed on IV vancomycin 1.

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