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Retrieved 10 July Retrieved July 9, The law went into effect on 29 March In Februarythe bill was passed with 11 votes to 2. The legislation does not allow opposite-sex couples to register their relationships out of fear that there might be duplication under the law. The bill was scheduled to be debated on 7 April in front of the Commission of Justice and Human Rights, but was postponed until after Easter. The Perchy Bird Blog.

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Retrieved 15 June

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Same-sex marriage

Second-parent stepchild adoption allowed 2. Retrieved 13 January Same-sex marriage in Uruguay. Restrictions on freedom of expression. The Norwegian government proposed a gender-neutral marriage law on 14 Marchthat would give same-sex couples the same rights as heterosexuals, including church weddings, adoption and assisted pregnancies. Registro Civil - El Big Data". The Court issued its ruling in response to a motion brought by Costa Rica in

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Same-sex marriage became legal in Norway on 1 January when a gender-neutral marriage bill was enacted after being passed by the Norwegian legislature, the Stortingin June The Civil Registar rejected because the State Constitution defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Inchanges to Hong Kong's Domestic and Cohabitation Relationships Ordinance were made to protect same-sex partners. Retrieved 8 July The principle, first codified inwas intended to outlaw polygamy, but is now also interpreted to disallow same-sex marriages. Restrictions on freedom of expression.

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