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She dreamed of the day she would leave Oklahoma behind for some place bigger, less landlocked, and with more people. Tabatha remembers the first time she met Sara at a get-together in Arkansas. Many people in the gay community have asked me to confirm that he was gay before they approached him! Sara Cunningham was born and raised in Oklahoma City in a working-class family with four brothers and sisters. I remember wanting to grab my son tightly just to let him know that whatever he needed to say, it would be okay.

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I am very masculine and no one would ever know if I didn't tell them.

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Healthy narcissism is the antidote to stigma and minority stress. However, we get into hot water when we allow stereotypes to get in the way of understanding the uniqueness of individuals and their circumstances-so it is important to remember that not all mothers and gay sons are close. Submitted by Michael C.

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When this occurs the brain remembers what it was that gave it pleasure causeinf it to want that pleasure again.

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