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I kept bobbing my head so all the cum would come out then he rolled over on the bed with his cock lying on his stomach. He was wearing nothing but some under armor boxers, which were, black and a little bit lose. It took me 20 minutes and by the time I got there a little sweat had formed over my abs. I'm not rude so i licked it all off him and his cock, "that was so fucking good" he panted. Tell me you want this cock bitch. I too rolled over and cleaned it off.

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When he arrived he had a large crate of beers and some pot.

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Allow us to process your personal data? I too rolled over and cleaned it off. I began slowly rolling my tongue over the head and with two hands on his massive, thick cock i jerked him slowly as he moaned and told me to suck his balls. Random Jeremy Nick proceeded to unbutton his jeans and pull his fly down. His attitude turned me on.

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O shit, I thought, he found one of my personals on a gay site. All so smooth and tight. I loved it and wanted to lick it all up. He on the other hand was a lacrosse player and could easily over power me. He kept pushing holding my head in place so that all I could do was gag and suck. I was not out or anything, but every day in school I looked at the hot young teen bodies and fantasized. It was so warm, i had never been so sexually excited before and i started kissing him as i rode his dick slowly to start.

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