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Angela was originally a warrior from Heaven sent to fight the hellspawn. Though effectively retired in Manhattan now, this is the Marvel Universe, so I can see them called back into action sooner rather than later. Thankfully, things are much improved: Which Marvel superhero are you? I think the folks that have mentioned Wonder Woman have got this. Here is a list of the top five superheroes who you may not know are actually LGBT. Wonder Woman is frequently portrayed as bi-sexual and possibly gave a hint to it in her recent movie.

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Originally Hulkling was an homage to the Hulk, with a similar large, green appearance and super-strength.

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Gay Superheroes

He's gay, but he's also a superhero, so he does superhero things that aren't affected by his sexuality. After years of being seen as a joke, D-Man recently resurfaced as a more nuanced supporting character, one in a loving relationship with another man. Over the years fans have wondered if Paradise Island or Themyscira was just ignorant of romantic love. After talking with his teen self, Iceman was able to come to terms with his feelings and the character is now openly gay, arguably making him Marvel's most intensely powerful character who is also homosexual. It would be beautiful if they could pull it off.

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In the most recent incarnation of the character she is a lesbian. Ironically, she was introduced in the mids to as a love interest for Batman to counter rumors that Batman was gay. Murdered along with Silhouette's Girlfriend Character. Who is the greatest superhero in DC and Marvel? Stan Lee likely never stopped to think if Peter Parker might be checking out Flash Thompson in the locker room. Once she joined the Marvel Universe, she ended up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, of all people, until she has to run off with Odin's baby to protect it after finding out she, too, is an Asgardian, and the daughter of Odin.

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