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Gill became the seventh winner of the series to avoid nomination throughout the entire season. After much thought, Ramsay decided, much to the other chefs' especially Nick's relief and delight, to finally eliminate Josh due to his long downward spiral, but praised him for his passion as well for bouncing back on this service after a string of bad services. During the reward, he admitted that he hated heights, but he and Michelle enjoyed their helicopter tour. His condition worsened and, according to media reports, he passed away in his sleep at Fredensborg Palace on the evening of Feb. Harry Langdon, Getty Images. In the end, he lost the challenge to both Michelle and Benjaminand was eliminated from the competition, disappointed that he lost by one dish. On his first course, he had some of the blue chefs cooking while the others helped him plate, before expressing confidence that he can do it despite tackling two courses.

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The season also had only one joint dinner service loss between the red and blue teams, the fewest such occurrences since season four.

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In the blue kitchen, Jared served raw chicken twice and got kicked out, while Frank left Manda to take care of his French toast. She spots Sous Chef Aaron sending up Wellingtons with no mushroom duxelle, but calls out capellini on the ticket despite it not being on the menu, though even then she recognized her mistake immediately. Meghan ran next.

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