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It's a delicate balance. Does Yasutora Sado do drugs? Chad turned slowly, so Ichigo was laying against his chest. Ichigo edged close to me so we could talk together quietly. Chad watched as Ichigo put a sugar coated strawberry to his pale full lips, and Chad couldn't help but wonder what they would taste like. Karin and Yuzu want to know which one of them the baby's going to play with. Chad sees his first ghost and makes dinner.

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Chad reached up, and ran his fingers though Ichigo's orange locks, his other had moving to rest on Ichigo's side.

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He's blushing but his eyes lock with mine and I can see the reflection of my own desires. NnoiIchi Cops and Robbers Part 2 Remember Me. He must have realized it as well because he was staring up at me with an indiscernible expression.

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