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This comes as her husband is speaking out for the first time since being arraigned this week on a separate charge of aggravated and decent assault. Well, I think on the state and local level, it seems that states in more conservative places in red states and in some purple states are going to fight over the so-called religious exemption rules, some state legislatures have tried to pass laws that would give people a so-called religious exemption so that if you claimed a religious belief, you could somehow be exempt from nondiscrimination provisions that protected the LGBT rights people. Donald Trump is in there for about 30 seconds. Farther downstream, the river is rising. But he gave back as good as Jerry gave to him — LUI: Gagliano David Gergen Dr.

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I think some were noting what happened in Paris and how quickly they were able to move, respond and actually get results.

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Al Sharpton. Cal, good morning to you. You are either a committed or supporter of Jeb Bush or you were not.

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He comes at his opening line is, my fellow Americans.

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