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Writers as a whole and myself included at times need to stop relying on busted-ass tropes. My point is treating any one trope is a dealing with a symptom sassy gay friend a misses the disease over use of tropes. Look at Patrick in The Perks of Being A Wallflower — he was more than just a conversation piece and his homosexuality was second to his character development. Otherwise, Click here to log in. Then, to hilarious effect, she finds out Dave is as straight as Hugh Hefner, sics her gorilla boyfriend on him and then sexts him nudes just to torment him. As rare as that is, giving your characters a better role than supporting the protagonist is kind of a no-brainer.

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A violent beating endured by one of their patrons.

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I agree with "better writing" as a fix, but how? Our Upcoming Classes. Follow litreactor. I would suggest 'avoid using obvious tropes', but that is just me.

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Misplacement of sassy gay characters definitely comes across this way.

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