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Of the men, 9. The data below were extracted from the same group of men and women who gave out information about same-sex experiences live and then successfully completed the online questionnaire later. Kinsey Reports. Engaging Organizations and Individuals in Change Catalyst, In fact, this survey mode offers respondents the possibility to speak about themselves without taking the risk of being judged by the interviewer.

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This trust has led to a situation where respondents are willing to reveal personal details about their lives, and to answer questions honestly.

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Several studies of sexual orientation in countries provide comparative perspectives. Puerto Rico. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Territory: The population that has come to be referred to as "gay" in the West is not a descriptive term that would be recognized by all men who have sex with men MSM as known in the rest of the world.

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The value of the Gallup data is the use of a constant question wording over time and the largest yearly sample sizes of any effort to measure sexual and gender orientation in the U.

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