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Tara, sensing that she's losing control of her other personalities, checks herself into a mental hospital for treatment where her new in-clinic doctor, Dr. Convinced that he's seen a new alter personality after the visit from Tara's parents and who may have destroyed Tiffany's mural, Max spends an anxious weekend trying contact Tara's To be honest, I think for the most part my peers were too scared to bring up my lesbian parents, it was probably so alien to most of them that they considered it out-of-bounds or taboo. Retrieved 20 March I Think She Knew". Tara Gregor is a seemingly perfect American suburban mother, married to a loyal and supportive husband, a landscape developer named Max, and two teenage children, the flamboyantly gay

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That being said it was my mums who between them helped me to figure out shaving, were the biggest fans of my football career even if they never did understand the offside ruleand gave me increasingly cringe inducing sex-talks throughout my my puberty and adolescence. Follow Us Twitter Facebook. For more information or to donate, please visit:

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Il Fatto Quotidiano.