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I am gay and I am a computational biophysicist at ProteinQure Inc. I am bi and I am a neuroscientist and clinical psychology PhD student. It would take me months to feel anything for anyone and spent many doctor visits trying to figure out if it was a hormone imbalance, if I was sick or if it was something else. I am specifically working with protonic ceramics being run in reverse to store renewable energy as liquid ammonia. I am gay and I am a behavioural ecologist. I have been with my current partner since and we live out in Kent where we seem to spend most of our time walking the dog.

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Schwartz, at a book signing in Milwaukee, was approached by many female undergraduates, especially Hispanic and Asian students.

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Bring this awareness, would help younger generation in two ways: Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. At the University of Pennsylvania, I have worked in understanding adult soft tissue sarcoma in order to develop targeted therapies and treatments.

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My PhD work was in algebraic geometry, but now I do mathematics education research.

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