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A breed of demonic monster that exist only in the anime. As this plays out in Wano i believe more people would start questioning Orochi's role as shogun. He controls the element of Fire. He is very sadistic and enjoys slaughtering anyone. He faces Yukimura and loses, but his motivation behind his betrayal is revealed.

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Goodbye despair but you are in your cottage and Nagito is crawling in your ear.

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In the anime, Makora lives and joins Sanada Yukimura and Sasuke's forces in their fight against Benitora and his forces. It is revealed that he loved the former seer the seer before Sakuyaand that he cherished her very much. Yui Horie Japanese ; Veronica Taylor English is a bounty hunter interested in the largest bounty she can find, that of 1, ryo that is on the head of Demon Eyes Kyo. He is so skilled with it that he is able to use it against a real sword, instinctively turning it at the last second so that it absorbs the blow of a sword but doesn't break.

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It is revealed later that Hishigi implanted the Devil Eye into Akari's hand as a way of spying on him and to awaken his true powers.

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