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Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I don't know if you want to psycho-analyse that as well. I know a ton of hilarious gay men, and almost no well-known gay male comedians. Is it harder to get work in comedy as a gay man? A slim silver canister, it looked like yet another new brand of energy drink — and then, under the blinking staccato of the strobe light, I managed to catch the logo. Do you already have an account? Yes, my password is:

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To this day, I still get guys telling me that video helped them come out.

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Most Liked Most Commented. But why the sex thing? It was a power flip that gay men found empowering and sexy.

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One week I was asking her to do some lil' web show and the next week she was sitting with RuPaul having a conversation about her makeup.

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