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It was more the thought of what I'd done that turned me on. I got so horny after this viewing, i though i was gonna need to go jerk off in the stall beside me. Looking up at his face I watched his lips move, "May I? Pulling my shorts and undies down I kicked them aside, the front of my T-shirt was wet with his piss so I left it on, my rock hard cock jutted up hard and ready. He dick was cut and had a nicely shaped head and a very thick veiny shaft. I picked a drop of it off my cock and brought it to my mouth to get that sweet taste.

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He noticed this and moved his gaze from the wall in front of him to my own crotch.

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The third guy finished quick and left. I make the assumption, that like everyone before him, i wasn't going to get a glimpse of anything but his hand. He continued to waive and fondle my cock and then without stopping his exploration he gently encircled the head with his fingers, my piss hit hard against his palm and rivers of piss shot out from between his fingers, splattering the floor and our feet. The salt of a man, the taste of Arab cock and the smell of Arab crotch electrified my head until finally it slowed.

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Spreading his muscled arms apart he indicated he wanted to see me naked.

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