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Queer Voices. This was someone who for the better part of 2 years had played an active role in keeping us apart, disapproved of our relationship and refused to even acknowledge us at all. Those who struggle with this issue constantly have their "radar" on full alert, picking up the attitudes of those around them in regard to this subject. Dating is hard. She knows she still loves me and wants to be physical with me but she is curious to see what else is out there.

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I had crushes before, but unlike any of my friends, they were never over boys.

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Women who struggle with same-sex attractions often have a distorted view of men. I realized how brave she was for coming to meet me, how much strength it would have taken to push through everything her family believed about being gay. As you gain understanding of the early life traumas which often lead to homosexual behavior, you will gain compassion for those caught in its trap. But it takes even more strength to admit that you were wrong and choose love over hate.

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Lesbians are often comfortable relating to men in this fashion but your friend is seeking to overcome past patterns.

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