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After taking acting classes at several New York acting schools, she made her first acting appearance, in an episode of the police drama Nakia entitled "Roots of Anger". Wonder Womanthe fictional superheroine character, was created by the American psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G. You hear these arguments all the time, about how transgender people are somehow a threat to others, especially when people start talking about the issue of bathrooms. As Carter describes Wonder Woman, "There is something about the character where in your creative mind for that time in your life where you pretended to be her, or whatever the situation was, that it felt like you could fly". Carter's dedication is the th honoree on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. Retrieved March 3,

Actor Gary Burghoff was the drummer.

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I think it is our secret desire to be seen, and that we know on some level that we are strong. By Lauren Moraski. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wonder Woman Origin Series Update.

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Carter's next major role after Wonder Woman was in the crime drama television series, Partners in Crime with Loni Anderson in