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But more than that, the character reminds me of my late grandfather, a man who lived his entire life in Fayetteville, NC, rarely said very much, but always spoke volumes when he did and it should be noted, was not gay ; it's the sort of authenticity that few films have ever captured, and which elevates it from a simple, evocative tome to something truly special that deserves and demands attention. And then every other day they have to update their comments on it. The cinematography was gorgeous. You know, to piss off conservatives and Christians. I'm Confused by those who could not tell this was meant to be a love story about two men.

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Well, guess what? The story of a forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys and their lives over the years. Muscle Mountain Cowboys Never get it so good in John Tegan's tale of a 21st century ranch where nine muscled ranchers set aside chores in the western sun for hot play in the barnyard hay.

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If you are a hater, why not check out some Christian films or films about Moslems or Catholics.

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