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Gay marriage has been legalised by such countries as Spain and Portugal, Britain and New Zealand, though still not in Australia, where Liberal and Labor politicians join hands proudly to march in the rear guard in this area of sexual politics. Lindsay is wearing a three-piece suit and has a grin on his face like a cat that had gotten into the creampuff. Truong Tan worked as a lecturer at his old university untilby which time an exhibition with homoerotic overtones had provoked the disapprobation of Communist authorities. Their collaboration from to resulted in published works. Both sections are printed on salmon-coloured paper and are sure to be of great use for lecturers seeking tutorial readings. And they nestle up very close to certain kinds of work that many pigeonhole as pornographic. How to be an AngelThavibu Gallery, Bangkok.

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One specific example of a significant contemporary Asian artist with homoerotic themes is Truong Tan Naziree

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Fairly recently, in the MonthlyShane Maloney said: Worst of all, this Jew imposed the belief that suffering ennobles, and that the poor, the base, the wicked and the dull are those chosen for martyrdom here in order to inherit the reward of the hereafter … despicable supposition! Davie wrote three columns, reporting the visits and the word in full. The ambiguity of homosexuality in representation and in life is also well illustrated in photographs of men or women together.

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On the Odana Editions website, you can also find the highly sexual Lindsay drawing, Afternoon of a Faun:

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