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As men left the rink to fight in World War II, the gender balance of the sport shifted. Galindo became the first out athlete to win a national championship, and he placed third in the world championship. The International Skating Union replaced its audience-friendly 6. However, former skaters, former judges, skating insiders and experts suggest otherwise. InGalindo announced he was HIV-positive and became an activist fighting against stigma.

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Outspoken and fearless, he came out publicly around and won his first U. Only seven out athletes participated in the Sochi Games, and they were all female non-Americans. Goebel retired from competition in and married his longtime partner in Inafter switching to singles skating, he claimed a memorable gold at the US Championships in his hometown of San Jose and followed that up with a bronze medal at Worlds.

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At 12, Larcom went to live and train as a pairs skater in Tampa, Florida.