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I kept my his secret for five months, fearing my parents would find out before he had the chance to tell them, and that they would feel betrayed. He may just be shy except you have other reasons to suspect him. He wanted to do it himself. Now its all beginning to make sense You'll find out soon enough which way he swings. We rarely spoke, which is why when he video chatted me one day in December, I could not have been more surprised.

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This is why Lionking's suggestion, though it may appear outlandish, is actually worth checking-out.

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This letter from a straight man to his gay brother will make you feel things

It was a disaster. I am not at all homophobic, but it never crossed my mind that Josh could be gay. Now its all beginning to make sense He never really had a girlfriend, but I always just assumed that was because he was my awkward older brother. Try not to push it with him any more than necessary and do not treat him like an outcast. Share This Page Tweet.

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He lives in Nigeria with my parents and my younger sisters. After thinking about it for a long time, I actually felt happy. I worry for my kindhearted, brilliant, shy brother in a world filled with so much discrimination. Ok, so it is not abnormal to find people staying back at home longer in Nigeria - unlike what subsists "abroad", particularly in the west. Go here and look at this story:

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