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You omit that trans is equally used as an abbreviation of transsexual, transgressive, transexuale, transexuelle, travestie, etc. There are profound reasons for why the language that trans people use to describe ourselves and our communities changes and evolves so quickly. You are commenting using your Twitter account. As Janet Mock has eloquently spoken toterms like these imply that trans people who are perceived as cisgender or not trans are engaging in deception simply by being themselves. Some non-binary people identify as both woman and man e. Thank you so much for this! I do a lot of writing for sexual health clients.

transgender writng
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Therefore, it seems like the same might be true of continuing to designate particular reproductive organs or even secondary sex characteristics as male or female.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. It has helped me think about language I use in many other contexts. The two novelists are not unique among transgender writers in their magpie approach to literary tropes and genres.

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What words or phrases do you think are the best?

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